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Published on January 9th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


CES 2018: HomeKit integration announced for Arlo Baby Camera

It’s become apparent at CES 2018 that more companies are starting to embrace Apple’s HomeKit technology. One of the more welcome announcements we’ve seen comes from NETGEAR, who has announced that the Arlo Baby Smart HD Monitoring Camera is now compatible with Apple HomeKit.

As a quick reminder, HomeKit is Apple’s software framework that allows you to configure and control compatible smart devices in your home—everything from outlet plugs and thermostats to door locks and lights, and beyond. Connected devices can be controlled via the Home app, Siri, and other devices whether you’re home or away, with your Apple TV or iPad serving as the hub.

With the Arlo Baby Smart HD Monitoring Camera, parents can pair an iOS device with the camera to access the majority of Arlo Baby’s features for smart monitoring straight from the Apple Home app.

The popular Apple HomeKit framework for iOS devices enables parents to manage all of their smart home accessories seamlessly from an iPhone® or iPad®. Once the Arlo Baby camera is added, it appears in the Apple Home app on your iOS device alongside your other HomeKit compatible smart home accessories. The Apple Home app is available to all iOS customers to easily and securely manage HomeKit enabled accessories such as the Arlo Baby camera.

The following Arlo Baby functions can be accessed through the Apple Home app:

  • Live video stream viewing of your baby via the Arlo Baby camera feed
  • Two-way audio for talking, cooing and listening to your baby and other people near the camera
  • Quick view of the most recent screenshot recorded by Arlo Baby when the camera was last activated
  • Voice control by asking Siri to show you your camera’s live stream
  • Remotely access the camera’s live video/audio feed and two-way communication when you have an iPad or Apple TV (4th generation) in your home.

This is where Apple’s emphasis on security comes into play; because HomeKit-enabled devices are required to be MFi licensed and have an encryption co-processor, you can rest assured your video feed will remain private.

For more information about the Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera and accessories, visit www.arlo.com. Also be sure to stay tuned to BEST Apple TV this week for more CES 2018 coverage from the show floors in Las Vegas.

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