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CES: OLED TVs get big addition with Sony A1E series Bravia

There were a lot of OLED TVs at CES this year as manufacturers like Panasonic and Samsung are starting to join in on the craze. But one stands out for not its picture, but its sound.

It’s the Sony A1E series Bravia‘s and here’s the bottom line…it’s pretty incredible product with a one, two punch I’ll explain in a minute.

The Sony Bravia A1 Series OLED will come in 55, 65 and 77-inch screen sizes, is 4K-ready (so you’ll be ahead of the curve at least on your TV when Apple TV upgrades to 4K), has Dolby Vision HDR tech support and features the Sony X1 Extreme picture processor.

P1030446 2

We’ve confirmed that Sony is using LG’s OLED panels for these TV series and its own electronic guts in an interesting industry turnabout. And that’s what makes this offering different.

The sound is just as much the headline as the picture. There are no speakers attached to the panel, but the panel itself is the speaker using what Sony calls “Acoustic Surface.” It vibrates to create the stereo effect while a subwoofer in the rear, built into the top of the stand as you can see in the photo below, provides bass.

P1030451 2

The lack of speakers helps to make this TV slightly thinner. Impressive, but Sony wasn’t showing off the sound capabilities of any of these TVs at their booth, which tells you they were early prototypes and not yet ready for primetime.

Price and release date are yet to be revealed.

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