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Published on March 8th, 2019 | by Brad Gibson


Cord-cutters motived by price only, consumer survey shows

Consumers who depend on streaming services only are mostly motivated by price, according to a users survey.

The “BroadbandNow 2019 U.S. Internet, TV & Phone Shopping Study” from ratings company BroadbandNow showed satisfaction levels higher for streaming-only customers than those who have pay TV or a combination of pay TV and streaming.

Consumers who chose a combination of cable and streaming were far less motivated by price at 39 percent while those with cable reported the lowest satisfaction levels.

“Streaming TV customers are more motivated by total cost of service than customers of traditional TV products,” said John Busby, managing director of BroadbandNow. “In addition, because streaming TV isn’t tethered to a specific address, streaming TV purchasers were much less likely to list ‘moving addresses’ as the primary reason for purchase. A notable finding was that only 8 percent of streaming TV purchasers listed as their primary reason ‘they did not already have the service.’ This says to us that most customers in the market already have a streaming TV service.


“Because so many of these purchase decisions [of cord-cutters] were motivated by price, I believe this will challenge traditional providers to offer more flexibility to customers, such as providing smaller, bespoke content or channel offerings at a lower monthly price point.”

BroadbandNow_Chart_2_2019The findings estimated 39 million U.S. adults added or switched internet, TV and/or phone service in 2018.

BroadbandNow’s findings come from a combination of anonymized shopping and sales data, as well as online questionnaires, The company did not provide a margin of error for its findings.

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One Response to Cord-cutters motived by price only, consumer survey shows

  1. Mike says:

    In the US, many localities only have one or two choices for broadband and cable.
    For example, in my county, it is either Comcast or Verizon for cable, phone, or broadband.
    These duopolies and monopolies make you an offer you can’t refuse: Getting all three services is cheaper then broadband and phone (which is all I really need!) Yes, even if I do DIY VoIP with just broadband, it is still cheaper for the 3 way package with either of them.
    Eventually, the bargain period ends and suddenly, it does cost more. That is when I start looking for alternatives. Result: I have gone from Fios to Xfinity to Fios to Xfinity to Fios over a decade to afford any of it. I’ve stuck with Fios now longer than usual — despite now being a bit too expensive as I am a *very* light land line user — because the bargaining process is dehumanizing and horrible with these companies. WORSE than buying a car. Worse than dealing with health insurance service denial in the U.S. Worse than doing taxes. Worse than a colonoscopy!
    All I really want is a price that is not a “deal” that will expire in dribs and drabs. I just want one price that I can stick with and afford. Say, for 5 years, before the rapacious bastards do a price increase. Is that too much to ask for?!
    Cable companies and their local political enablers (county, town, city, and/or state — it varies on where you live in U.S.) are really a bunch of awful people.
    I used to be very pro for corporate broadband service utilities. Capitalism will keep the price low. But it is a total failure for the user of the service. Now I am 100% for converting it all to regional Bell system like companies that are price controlled by an elected commission on digital communication utilities. In its current state, it is not capitalism at all. Not one bit.
    ANYTHING but the rip off we have now would work better, be cheaper, and less stressful. We are all tired with the telecom CEOs who want to be paid more so he can expand his summer mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

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