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DirecTV Now customers report continued outages, buffering issues

DirecTV Now customers are reporting continued service outages and buffering issues with the streaming service that have been going on for over a week and according to some social media complaints even longer.

Hundreds of DirecTV Now subscribers report having difficulties logging in to the live streaming service during primetime hours – when the greatest number of customers would likely be using the service – and if they are able to log in, their picture often freezes or is interrupted by buffering.

The outages have been on-going for a number of weeks, but have been reported in high numbers over the past two weeks.

The service’s Twitter customer help page and a DirecTV Now Reddit page is full of user comments complaining about similar issues.

The service’s Twitter customer service page, @DIRECTVNowHelp, has acknowledged several times over the last week of problems, although it has not given details of what is causing the technical issues. A spokesperson for AT&T, which owns DIRECTV Now, was not immediately available for comment.

The online outage tracking site reports that the number of DIRECTV Now complaints spiked yesterday evening during prime time viewing hours. From December 24th to 27th, the outage complaints were consistent for four straight days.

DirecTV Now launched in November of 2016 using the Apple TV app. The service offers such packages as Live a Little for $35 per month with 60-plus channels, Just Right for $50 a month for 80-plus channels, Go Big for $60 for 100-plus channels and Gotta Have It for $70 per month for 120-plus channels. During an introductory period, users could sign up for 100-plus channels for $35 a month.

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15 Responses to DirecTV Now customers report continued outages, buffering issues

  1. Teresa Davis says:

    I also have had these same issues. Can’t get anything to open today. Supposedly they are working on it but have little faith since they already have my money and refused refunding.

  2. Ken Leibrock says:

    Diwecttvnow via Apple tv is awful. Problems connecting with the service, interruptions in service.I am going back to cable.

  3. Clint Klug says:

    Very disappointed in this service picture is not buffering all I get is sound and it keeps freezing every 10 to 20 seconds it freezes when I got to restart the app all over I most likely end up canceling don’t waste your money on this

  4. Margie says:

    Terrible service..paying for tv and not even getting to watch it…saddest part is that you cannot talk to a human being, everything is dine thru chat and that doesn’t even work because the wait time is so long…I was a customer of PlayStation due and sling tv, Def going back….this is ridiculous

  5. Jeffrey Gutstadt says:

    HOw do you chose movies that are broadcast? Why are some movies dropped from the lineup? Do you rotate movies from month to month or from year to year?

  6. Wild Bill says:

    I work in the tech field and the problem is they do not have enough band width for all their customers. Its really sad that a company this size cant get it together. We should start a class action suit. They have misled and lied about what they provide.

  7. Sue says:

    I finally cancelled my DirectTV Now account two weeks ago. After several months, the problem never improved and made the service unusable. What a waste of money.

  8. Sara Hawkins says:

    I’m actually doing the 7 day trial. Trying to watch older episode of Shameless and it has buffered over 20 times. The last episode did the same. My Roku is hardwired into my modem with a 75MB rate, no problems with Netflix, Hulu w/live tv, Amazon or Crackle, stream Siriusxm, Amazon music, Pandora all without buffering.
    Glad this is a trial. Who has others switched switched to that have same offerings and premium channel discounts?

  9. Cupcakes says:

    Channel loads really fast on Apple TV for me. But I hate AppleTV remote. Works good on Roku but channel loading is very slow compare to SlingTV. Channel won’t load at all on FireTV sometimes, I have to go into settings and force stop the app then reload the app again.



  11. Lynn says:

    I started the 7 day trial and within 15 minutes of watching buffering issues arose. I have not even been able to watch one full episode. This service completely sucks!

  12. Anthony says:

    I keep getting an error code saying channels are unable to load. I pre paid 3 months in advance for the service and i’m starting to regret my decision. It’s not my internet, software is all up to date and i have no problem streaming Netlix, Hulu, and nbc sports app. I switched from playstation VUE and so far the Direct TV now app has not worked once on either my apple TV or iPhone. There is no way to contact a human being about this issue and their online chat just repeats itself over and over. They keep saying give it a few mins and it will start working we are working to “escalate” your issue. Pretty sad a brand new customer has to deal with this. If it does not resolve and or I have a logical explanation by the end of the day I certainly will be switching back to VUE

  13. Mark Silva says:

    Just go through the endless channels of nothing but shit that you pay for. Unless you order the whole expensive smack. Then you get some entertainment. You won’t be able to afford to eat, but you have some shows plus all the crap channels that come with it. There has to be atleast forty to fifty advertisement channels alone that sell day and night. Yoga, how to make your own placement settings. Pills for this that and the other ting! Hang upside down on some machine and become fifteen again. Dozens of these channels In a row. Then you have a mere three four play the same old movies over and over again Chanel’s and a couple made for TV series Chanel’s. ESPN discovery and that’s about all she wrote. It’s bunch of shit to give them that kind of money for really providing a service that should be taken to court. For the reason alone that they just don’t give a shit period once you’ve had service at any length of time. Really it’s like throwing your money in the toilet. NO MAS and good ridden for me.

  14. Don says:

    no service since 10 this morning 2-16-2018 northern North Dakota they say its my cables not true it happens every so often next day it works after doing nothing

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