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Published on January 4th, 2018 | by Brad Gibson


DirecTV Now outages continue; AT&T silent

DirecTV Now subscribers are continuing to report substantial service outages overnight with many still unable to access the streaming media service Thursday morning.

The online outage tracking site reports the number of DIRECTV Now complaints spiked last night during prime time viewing hours and continued until after midnight eastern time.

Some reported the service was still inaccessible Thursday morning on messages boards. Charly Potts wrote, “DTVN has been down since 10 (PM) or so last night here in Adair, Oklahoma. Nothing but the stupid buffering wheel going round and round.” message boards posts

The service’s Twitter customer service page, @DIRECTVNowHelp, has acknowledged several times over the last week of problems, although it has not given details of what is causing the technical issues.

One customer on the Twitter page reported being told by a DirecTV Now support person by phone on Wednesday that the issue was “a server issue” and then asked “when will the service be back up?” but got no reply. has repeatedly tried to reach a spokesperson for AT&T, which owns DIRECTV Now, for comment and has received no replies. DirecTV Now has not released an official statement on the continued outages.

Historically, the outages over the past few weeks have been mostly in the evening when usage is at its greatest.

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3 Responses to DirecTV Now outages continue; AT&T silent

  1. helpful55 says:

    I cannot understand why we are expecting tv through the internet. Too many things that can go wrong. Cable is what should be used by most for now. Wired, not so reliant on the internet and mostly reliable. The infrastructure is all there, they just need to bring their prices down to what it is worth. Net tv is just not ready. Work on it and when it is viable we can transition, even though I still say there is a place for cable.

  2. Terry says:

    I am done with direct tv now. Going back to sling tv. Had fewer buffering issues with sling

  3. Sebastian says:

    Cable is not an option – on my market there is too much temptation to illegally provide monopoly of one provider in the area and strip people of options.
    Satelite and internet are the way to go. Cable company requiers long term contract and are too greedy.

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