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Published on March 19th, 2019 | by Brad Gibson


DirecTV Now playing games with subscribers mad over price jump, asking them to come back

BESTAppleTV readers who abandoned DirecTV Now after its recent price jump of $10 a month have started receiving emails from the service trying to entice them to come back for a one-time, $30 discount.

The catch in the offer is consumers must stay with the service for a minimum of three months.

Two readers, who asked not to be identified, received emails beginning Sunday simply saying “we want you back” and offering a flat $30 discount to return to the service. One reader spoke with customer support through the services online chat support and was offered the same deal.

A service representative confirmed to the reader that he would not be able to return to his previous channel package after DirecTV Now re-organized its offerings and would have to choose between DirecTV Now Plus with 40-plus channels for $50 a month or DirecTV Now Max with 50-plus channels for $70 per month.

Subscribers before the price increase on March 13 were ‘grandfathered’ to their channel package at $10 more a month, sources have confirmed. This price hike on current subscribers goes into effect April 12.

This means that DirecTV Now’s basic ‘Live a Little’ tier will rise from $40 a month to $50, ‘Just Right’ will increase from $55 a month to $65, ‘Go Big’ will increase from $65 to $75, and ‘Gotta Have It’ will jump from $75 a month to $85. The Spanish language Todo y Más package will also increase from $45 a month to $55. There will be no changes to channels in these soon-to-be grandfathered plans.

The recent DirecTV Now price increase by its parent company, AT&T, has been meant with strong consternation as indications arise that streaming services are starting to up their rates equal to those of cable and satellite providers.

BESTAppleTV reporter Kirk Hiner recently wrote that the price increase defeats the purpose of ‘cord cutting’, saying “streaming service you go with should always come down to the proper balance of price, channels of interest, and reliability of service. If DirecTV Now’s changes have upset that balance with you as they have with me, it’s time exercise that newfound cord-cutting freedom and just move on.”

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6 Responses to DirecTV Now playing games with subscribers mad over price jump, asking them to come back

  1. Christopher Lee Batts says:

    I’m so mad I could smash everything in sight. I work all the time and I finally get a chance to catch up on my shows only to find I can no longer watch the walking Dead and if loving you is wrong and I’m fucking pissed. I don’t want your bullshit ass HBO or Cinemax , I just paid $75 fucking dollars and I’ve been these bastards $65 for the past two years and most of the good damn channels i like have been removed. I will be on the phone first thing in the morning to give these crooked sons of bitches a verbal ass kicking.

  2. John Norris says:

    Direct used to be the best. Then at&t bought them. Now all you see is reruns, faggy assed shows and prices went thru the roof. It does my heart good to see that America is waking up.

  3. Mickie says:

    Directvnow your least concern is your customer. Its all about making money$ where do tje customer benefits from this you are raising prices and cutting channels.streaming with your company is just as high as having cable. Remember we still have to pay a internet price ro stream. When my price increases i will be leaving for cheaper rates. If your going ro raise the price customer should be able to customize there packages. Good customer seevice is keeping your customer happy.

  4. David B Tweedy says:

    I had directv for 20 years and they priced me out. ATT will put directv out of business.

  5. J.T. says:

    I finally threw in the towel with DTVN after two years+. Im back using OTA TV and pirating some sports.

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