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DirecTV Now stops adding DVR beta testers; nearing rollout?

Live streaming service DirecTV Now has stopped accepting new beta testers for its digital video recorder testing and appears to be close to officially releasing an updated app with the new capability for all subscribers.

Customers who try to signup for the beta are currently seeing an automatic reply telling them, “We’re temporarily not accepting new beta testers at this time.” The message goes on to say to “check back in the coming weeks” if interested in participating. (see the message below.)

It is not known if the expansion of beta testers has been put on hold temporarily and will be resumed, or if the service is nearing a release of the DVR service for all.

Message to DirecTV Now customers regarding DVR beta testingDirecTV Now is halting expansion of DVR beta testers, giving indications the feature’s rollout could be imminent.

In the past few weeks, AT&T, the parent company of DirecTV Now, has been trickling out details of the DVR service, naming it ‘True Cloud DVR’. Various reports indicate the company plans on offering a free, 20-hour package for all subscribers in addition to a larger storage option of 100 hours of recording time for around $10 a month.

Additionally, has heard from two DirecTV Now subscribers who have been given full access to DVR capabilities and have not been upgraded to a new version of the services app. Both customers report having 20 hours of DVR storage with one reporting, “It’s working fine for me with no glitches or delays.”

That is not to say that the DirecTV Now DVR beta has been flawless. Previous reports from Apple TV users have indicated major glitches to the feature, including missing programs, programs that start, stop, and disappear, as well as the inability to rewind, fast forward, and then resume programs in regular play mode.

It is not known when the feature will be available to everyone, but indications point to an April or May release. The company has said it plans on releasing the DVR feature to all by the end of spring, which is officially June 21st.

When it is released, all customers will see a refreshed app, with additional features and a re-designed on-screen guide, the company said in the past few months.

DirecTV Now launched in November of 2016 using the Apple TV app with an entry-level package price of $35 per month for over 60 channels.

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