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Published on June 8th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


DirecTV Now’s free Apple TV 4K offer rolls on…with changes

Just one week ago we reported that DirecTV had again extended its offer for a free 32GB Apple TV 4K to new customers who prepay for a three-month subscription to the DirecTV Now live streaming service.

Well…here we go again.

According to a report at Cord Cutter News, DirecTV is again extended the offer, keeping it active now since it first appeared nearly seven months ago. Starting Saturday, June 9th, however, the terms will flip back to a four-month prepaid subscription in order to receive the free Apple TV unit. This is in line with the original offer, which was reduced to three months in February and has sat there since then.

In other words, if you subscribe to DirecTV Now today, you’ll in effect be getting a 32GB Apple TV 4K for $105 along with three months of DirecTV Now’s basic “Live a Little” package at $35/month. Starting tomorrow, that same Apple TV will cost you $140 with four months of DirecTV Now service.

If you’re happy with DirecTV Now and keep the service, the four-month term doesn’t really make a difference as you’d pay for that extra month regardless. If you’re not happy, however (and judging from the comments we continue to receive, not everyone is), the three-month term allows you to bail a month earlier. And yes, you will get to keep the Apple TV.

For more information on the deal and to subscribe to DirecTV Now, visit www.directvnow.com/appletv.

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