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Published on April 8th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Don’t forget eBay and bundles when searching for Apple TV deals

Apple has never been too kind when it comes to discounting the newer Apple TV models. As such, retailers are slow to mark them down as well. You can always take advantage of deals such as DirecTV Now’s perpetually extended free-Apple-TV-with-a-paid-subscription offer, but that won’t do you much good if you’ve already got (or don’t want) DirecTV.

Apple TV deals on eBay

That, then, is why you turn to eBay. A cursory scan will often turn up some good deals on new, used and refurbished Apple TV models, including this one we found today. Goldstar Tech is selling the 32GB model Apple TV 4K with Siri Remote for only $144.99, a savings of $35 for a new model.

There is the issue of it being refurbished, but Goldstar Tech promises the item “… is in very good condition and is in retail packaging. Item has been inspected, cleaned, tested and works great! Item shows very little signs of use.” They also offer a replacement or refund if the item is defective and returned within 30 days.

Of course, deals such as this pop up on eBay quite frequently, so why point out this particular offer? Because of the number of units available. Hundreds were being offered earlier today, although that number dropped considerably by press time.

Apple TV bundles at Best Buy

Another option to consider when buying an Apple TV is to get it bundled with additional hardware. Currently, Best Buy is bundling a new 32GB Apple TV 4K with the Steelseries Nimbus wireless controller. Practically a necessity if you intend to play games with your Apple TV (and you really should), the Nimbus is our choice for the best wireless gaming controller option available. And it being Bluetooth, it’s also compatible with your iPhone and iPad.

Steelseries Nimbus

You can read our full Steelseries Nimbus review, or you can just head right over to Best Buy to take advantage of the savings. This bundle knocks $30 off the price if you were to buy the Nimbus and the Apple TV separately.

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