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Published on February 11th, 2019 | by Brad Gibson


Hulu, YouTube TV most favored streaming TV services, survey indicates

Among Americans using live streaming TV services, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV are the most popular options, according to a new survey by the investment research firm UBS. All of the top services chosen are available on Apple TV apps.

In a UBS Evidence Media Lab Consumption survey of 2,000 consumers, obtained by BEST Apple TV, 201 people said they had Hulu with Live TV and 183 were subscribers to YouTube TV. DirecTV Now had the third most respondents at 139, with Sling TV fourth with 107, followed by PlayStation Vue, Philo and fuboTV.

Among those interested in streaming TV, the survey showed the greatest interest in Hulu with Live TV at 55 percent of respondents, with YouTube TV at 38 percent. When asked which service respondents would choose if they had to choose one,  a third of those surveyed selected Hulu with Live TV versus 25 percent for DirecTV Now, 17 percent for Sling TV and 15 percent for YouTube TV.


UBS’s survey also found cord cutting was becoming a sufficient alternative among those with satellite or cable TV subscriptions. 20 percent of respondents said they planned on canceling their use of traditional TV in the next 12 months, up from 11 percent polled in 2017. That reverses an earlier dynamic where customers kept both as they tested new platforms.

“59 percent of the respondents had dual subscription[s], down from 69 percent in last year’s survey,” wrote UBS analyst John Hodulik. “Along with the recent price increases and pull back in promotional activity, we expect this trend to accelerate declines in total TV [subscriptions].”

Younger respondents had the highest willingness to cancel pay TV, the study reported.

ubs_survey_2Cost continues to be the primary motive for abandoning pay TV, but the survey also showed more consumers citing streaming alternatives as a motive.

Respondents showed a strong willingness to sign up for streaming TV at 33 percent. That interest was even higher in homes subscribing to subscription on-demand services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, as well as broadband-only homes with younger consumers.

The survey results also suggest higher satisfaction for streaming TV alternatives relative to traditional pay TV. Over the last year, traditional pay-TV satisfaction held steady at 75 percent. Meanwhile, satisfaction for streaming TV platforms has consistently been above 80 percent, which could be a function of lower pricing, ease of sign-up/cancellation and improving user interfaces.


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