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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Light a different kind of fireplace app this Thanksgiving

Fireplace screensaver apps are a great way to set some ambiance for your Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings. And although there are certainly a few that stand out from the competition, none of them do it quite the same way as Space Fireplace One from developer Jukka Kaartinen. Having just as much in common with the lava lamp as with the traditional fireplace, Space Fireplace One is simultaneously effective as a unique conversation piece and a great background app.

Most fireplace apps are simply looped videos of actual fireplaces. That certainly provides a touch of realism, especially when filmed in 4K HD for the Apple TV 4K. Space Fireplace One, on the other hand, forgoes realism for generative ambient visuals and sounds influenced by physics visualization such as with particle accelerators. The result is an “organic, ever-evolving” video which, as the developers claim, is “… great for both quiet contemplative evenings alone or classy backdrop for a dinner party.”

Space Fireplace One

Quite honestly, when it comes to Thanksgiving TV I’ll take it over that goofy parade and yet another Cowboys game.

Space Fireplace One comes with three design options: Cube Alpha, Octahedron Yski, and Dedocahedron [sic] One. Siri Remote controls include the ability to rotate the shapes and the curious option to “shoot.”

More information on Space Fireplace One is available at The app is available for $3.99 in the App Store, exclusively for Apple TV.

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