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New TiVo trend report reveals interesting TV wants and desires

Demand for cheaper subscription TV and more choice remains the number one feature consumers are looking for to stay with their current pay-TV provider, according to TiVo’s latest quarterly Online Video and Pay TV Trends report.

The survey of some 3,000 consumers in Canada and the U.S. sought real consumer opinions to uncover key trends in TV viewing and usage. The results are interesting reading as the market for media viewing is undergoing profound changes.

Some 58.4 percent of respondents said that the availability of skinny bundles – or à la carte options – would convince them to stay with their current pay-TV provider, but a growing number of pay TV customers – 42.5% – would also be tempted to stay if content from all service providers was available in one place, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime TV tied to a cable or satellite service.

Users also said they were looking for better ways to find content easily. 24.4 percent of respondents – a 7.3 percentage point increase from the last survey – said they wanted an easy-to-navigate user interface that lets viewers quickly find their favorite TV shows and movies.

TiVo survey

The number of US homes cutting their cable service fell for the first time in the survey since the third quarter of 2016, while the amount paid for TV services rose slightly. According to the report, 20.2 percent of those without a pay-TV service had cut their service in the last 12 months, however, this was the slowest growth in that number for a year.

When asked, 82.8 percent of respondents said they had a cable or satellite service, with 17.2 percent saying they did not have cable or satellite service. That’s down from 82.4 percent having pay TV and 17.6 percent without in the third quarter a year ago.

TiVo survey

Of those with pay-TV service, 7.5 percent said they switched providers in the last three months.

“While this is at its lowest level since the Q2 2014 survey results, it represents a significant chunk of pay-TV subscribers for any provider to lose in a year, let alone in a quarter,” TiVo said.

85 percent of those canceling their service cited price as the key reason, followed by a preference for a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu, cited by 41.5 percent.

Of the 83 percent of respondents surveyed with pay TV, some 48.7 percent said they paid between $51 and $100 a month, while 36.8 percent paid $101-151. The number paying between $126-150 is now at its highest since TiVo’s survey began, while the number paying less than $50 declined slightly.

TiVo survey

Some 63.6 percent of all respondents used monthly video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime TV and Netflix in the third quarter, up 7.3 percentage points over two years. Three in five cord-cutters and cord-nevers use such services, while 64.7 percent with a pay-TV service also used video-on-demand services.

TiVo found that use of TV network apps from services like ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN is growing. 27.2 percent of respondents said they had TV network apps, the highest rate of adoption since the first quarter of 2016.

Among those surveyed, the Amazon Fire TV stick was the most popular standalone streaming device at 9.2 percent, followed by Apple TV and Roku with 8.9 percent each, Google Chromecast with 8.7 percent, and TiVo’s combined range of devices with 1.7 percent.

TiVo survey

Of the 39.9 percent without a streaming device, 34.3 percent cited not needing one in addition to their cable or satellite service. lOther reasons included a lack of familiarity and a lack of affordability.

Of interest in the report was the lack of respondents who have a product that supports voice capabilities to search for content and don’t use it. Of the 20.4 percent of respondents who can use their voice to find something to watch, only just over half – 11 percent – use the functionality. Of those people not using voice search, 58.8 percent said it was a gimmick with no real benefit.

TiVo survey

Among the top voice search-capable products, 46.5 percent used a cable or satellite service set-top box or remote, 28.76 percent owned an Amazon Fire TV, and 19.6 percent used an Apple TV.

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