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Published on July 23rd, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Report: Amazon Prime Video adding Dolby Atmos support

The question is how quickly Amazon will support third-party devices such as the Apple TV.

According to a report from John Archer at Forbes this weekend, Dolby has announced that Amazon Prime Video will roll out Dolby Atmos support when Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan airs on August 31st, 2018. Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Cube boxes will support the technology straight away, but there’s currently no confirmation of when Amazon will support Apple TV.

Archer suggests that Amazon will eventually open the technology for third-party devices, but not right away. This makes sense, as they’ll want to require those with a full Atmos set up to purchase their hardware in order to take advantage of the technology. Once that window closes, they’ll offer Atmos compatibility to those who already have competing devices such as the Apple TV in an attempt to acquire new subscribers to Amazon Prime Video.

Apple will be rolling out Dolby Atmos support to Apple TV 4K users with the release of tvOS 12 this fall. Many movies available through iTunes have already been enabled for Atmos support and will be free upgrades for those who have purchased them through iTunes. You will, however, need more than a compatible movie and an Apple TV 4K to take advantage of the advanced audio. The technology—which creates an immersive “sound bubble” through a room by bouncing sound off the ceiling—also requires an Atmos-equipped sound system such as the $890 Samsung HW-K950 5.1.4 Channel Soundbar and $900 LG SK9Y 5.1.2 Channel Soundbar.

Regardless of when Amazon Prime Video brings Dolby Atmos support to Apple TV, it’s good to see the major streaming players embrace the technology. The more options available to us, the better.

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