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Published on November 22nd, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Report: Apple TV 2nd in 4K streaming device sales

With Black Friday only a day away (or already underway, depending your retailer preference), you may be shopping around for sales on 4K streaming devices. And if you’re taking a close look at the Apple TV, you’re not alone.

Joshua Fruhlinger at Thinknum has reported that Best Buy sales-rank data they track has revealed Apple TV is second only to the Amazon Fire Stick when it comes to 4K streaming device sales.

The Fire Stick, of course, is a much less expensive option than the Apple TV, and cost does factor into it; although the 32GB Apple TV 4K ($179.99) is second to the Fire TV Stick 4K ($34.99), the 64GB Apple TV 4K is all the way down in fifth despite being only $20.00 more than its smaller counterpart. But even that ranks higher than the most popular Google option, the $69.99 Chromecast Ultra 4K.

It could be that Apple is also considering cost. There are rumors the company is considering the development of a low-cost Apple TV dongle like the Roku Streaming Stick (also below the 32GB Apple TV 4K in Thinknum’s numbers). Were it just hardware, we wouldn’t put much weight behind this rumor as Apple tends to prefer high-end, high-cost devices to drive sales. With the forthcoming launch of their streaming service, a cheaper device could help increase the size of the available audience.

As the Thinknum article points out, the market for 4K streaming devices is always in flux. Many people took advantage of free offers from digital streaming services such as DirecTV Now to get their Apple 4K, which certainly could have affected sales from individual retailers such as Best Buy. But as Fruhlinger suggests, the uptick could be an indication that consumers who are now ready to invest in 4K TVs have come to associate the Apple TV 4K with the higher definition technology.

Of course, it always helps that those invested in Apple technology—be that Macintosh computers, iPhones or iPads—tend to stick with Apple products when shopping for something new. That audience will always remain. What remains to be seen is whether Apple will maintain momentum amongst those without that brand loyalty.


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