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Published on August 18th, 2018 | by Brad Gibson


UPDATE: SiliconDust launches HDHomeRun Premium streaming service of 45 networks

UPDATE: BESTAppleTV readers have confirmed HDHomeRun Premium TV went live as late as the afternoon Eastern Time on Sunday, August 19th.

With little announcement or fanfare, SiliconDust announced Friday its own live streaming service exclusive to only those using its HDHomeRun digital over-the-air TV tuner box.

HDHomeRun Premium TV will include 45 networks channels for $35 a month. Various reports say the service will launch today, but as of this writing, there is no ability through the company’s website to sign-up. SiliconDust said it will expand into Canada “soon”.

Channels for the service include…

        • A&E
        • AMC
        • Animal Planet
        • Art Lifestyle Television
        • BET
        • Bravo
        • C-SPAN
        • Cartoon Network
        • CMT
        • CNN
        • CNBC
        • Comedy Central
        • Discovery
        • Disney Channel
        • E!
        • ESPN
        • ESPN 2
        • ESPN Classic
        • ESPN News
        • ESPN U
        • Food Network
        • Fox News
        • Free Form
        • FX
        • Hallmark Channel
        • HGTV
        • HLN
        • History
        • MSNBC
        • MTV
        • National Geographic
        • Nickelodeon
        • OWN
        • Paramount Network
        • QVC
        • SyFy
        • TBS
        • TCM
        • TLC
        • TNT
        • Travel Channel
        • TruTV
        • USA Network
        • VH1
        • Weather Channel

HDHomeRun is a network-attached digital television tuner box. Unlike standard set-top box appliances, HDHomeRun does not have a video output that connects directly to the user’s television. Instead, it receives a live TV signal and then streams the decoded video over a local area network to multiple devices like smartphones, tablet computers, smart TVs, computers, or game consoles.

The device – sold as four different models ranging from $100 to $180 – has a minimum of two built-in over-the-air tuners to decrypt high-definition local TV channels. As it doesn’t include a cloud-based digital video recorder, HDHomeRun has a separate DVR service costing $35 a year that enhances the devices local recording capability to schedule, pause, record and rewind live TV. 

“Just like you can today, with your channels from your antenna, now you can also record episodes and season programs with HDHomeRun DVR,” the company said in a statement to BESTAppleTV. “All of the functions you are used to using when recording over the air TV will also be available with these new streaming channels. You will see a whole new set of channels added to your line up in our patented SliceView channel list. They’ll show up like any other channel in your TV guide, and the shows on these channels will be recordable just like any other show. Also, don’t forget when you activate the full DVR service you now also have 14 days of guide data so you can plan your recordings well in advance,”

SiliconDust still does not have a tvOS app for HDHomeRun. The device can be used instead with the third-party Channels app by Fancy Bits or the Plex app. AirPlay mirroring to an Apple TV is another option through its iOS app.

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5 Responses to UPDATE: SiliconDust launches HDHomeRun Premium streaming service of 45 networks

  1. Big daddy says:

    $35 a year for DVR not a month

  2. Eddie B says:

    HDHR can also be used with the Channels app. The Channels dev team has promised support for this, including with DVR.

  3. Mike says:

    A wall I keep hitting is the bundle. ATT, Silicone Dust, Hulu, et all need to address this problem or they might not do so well.
    For broadband, TV, and land line phone, I paid $60 a month the first year (including about $20 in various fees, taxes — including one from the Spanish American war! — and junk charges Verizon slaps on like making me rent a cable card [cheapest way to get the service versus the junky, badly designed, energy wasting box they rent for 3 times the price). Then it went to $80 a month. I think it goes to $100 in a year or so as “discounts” wear off.
    I call them every time it jumps in price and again months later but get no where. I did same with the only other broadband option in my area, Comcast, and gave up and switched to Verizon. I did this with Verizon when I went to Comcast years before. Back ad fourth. A real pain! I predict, I may only be able to head back to Comcast in a year or so as Verizon, again, locks me out of affordable services for the home.
    Negotiating is pretty much out. Then, when you look at dropping cable TV, the price goes UP for just phone and broadband. Doing it all á la carte, with some other Voip and TV, it ends up the same or more. Usually more. I liked ATT Direct TV Now very much during the trial I did but, the $35 was impossible on top of the $80 (and redundant). When ATT raised it to $40, forget it!
    Now Apple and even Verizon (it seems) are integrating music streaming too in the coming years.
    If Silicone Dust and others who are now selling cable TV expect to get me, they will need to compete with what is actually the cheapest option for bundling out there with bundle of their own. Broadband, TV, phone, and maybe a decent music option.
    $60 for all of it would be great. $70 with a DVR and I am in.

  4. Jim Murphy says:

    Great….was surprised when the demo channels showed up. Any chance that BBC America will be added in future (Gotta have Dr. Who)? Combining OTA with the Premiums is a great move – Thanks..

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