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Published on November 13th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Spotify is now on Apple Watch, still not Apple TV

Spotify has always been a logical companion for Apple TV. Subscribers could easily search for and stream music to their TV to enjoy with whatever advanced sound system they have hooked up to it, making it a great option for streaming a party playlist, turning on some ambient dinner music, or what have you. And yet here we are with today’s announcement that Spotify has instead been released for Apple Watch.

This isn’t necessarily a slight to the Apple TV. The Spotify app for watchOS is not meant for you actually listen to music with the tiny Apple Watch speaker. You can, of course, although downloading for offline listening is not currently supported.

Rather, it makes the most sense as a remote control of sorts, allowing you to connect to various sources and manage your music from your wrist. As Spotify explained in the announcement on their website:

Smartwatches let us access the world with a flick of our wrists. Ready to start your run? Hit play from your Apple Watch without having to wrangle your phone out of its running case. Running into a friend as you head into the grocery store? Tap pause to grab a cart and a chat. Not feeling a slow song during your birthday party? Skipping to the track that matches your mood and activity is now as easy as checking your notifications. Or, while listening to your favorite podcast, easily rewind 15 seconds to catch that detail you missed. It’s all right there on the watch face.

So, that’s all good…like controlling iTunes with its Apple Watch app.

But it still leaves me hoping for an eventual tvOS support. It would be more about playing music than controlling it, although the TV screen would provide a large, easily navigable UI complete with artwork and track information. In addition, searching for music and setting up playlists would be a breeze with either the Siri Remote or your iPhone when using the Apple TV Remote app’s keyboard.

The lack of tvOS support is especially curious when you consider Spotify’s affiliations with Showtime and Hulu, both of which are currently available for Apple TV and are best enjoyed that way.

Spotify has not responsed to our request for information regarding the possibility of a tvOS app, but we will update this article when they do.

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