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Published on December 30th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Three great customizable Apple TV fireworks apps

There are numerous ways you can ring in the New Year. And if your preference is to not involve Ryan Seacrest, you can turn to your Apple TV to handle the special effects. We covered some of the best countdown and fireworks options in our article on great New Year’s Eve apps last year. This year we want to focus on fireworks apps, but only those that allow you to make the displays a bit more personal.

Fireworks Party

Developer: Flame Soft AB
Price: $2.99

It is a party after all, right? This app features five HD fireworks video loops, all of which include professionally recorded audio. This means your display will sound more like actual fireworks and less like popcorn. You can even control the overall color theme should you want to do such a thing.

fireworx party

Perhaps the coolest feature, however, is the ability to add text to your display, as seen in the banner image above. Wish your guest a happy New Year, single out a specific person or couple, or make it clear it’s time for everyone to go home. And since you control the message, you can keep this one around for Independence Day, that promotion you’ve been expecting, or the next time your sports team wins a championship.

Fireworks Party is available for $2.99 in the App Store, exclusively for Apple TV.

Fireworx Stand

Developer: Michael Briscoe
Price: $2.99

Looping fireworks videos are nice, but haven’t you ever watched a display and thought, “Man, I could do better than this.” Well, here’s your chance. Fireworx Stand allows you to put together your own display, from start to finish.

fireworx stand

The overall effect can be a bit disjointed, but the ability to use your own photos will help you overcome that. Plus, how cool would it be to light fireworks over your own house or neighborhood? Fireworx Stand gives you 29 firework effects to work with, including aerial and ground displays. And did I mention that you can synchronize the display to music from your iTunes library?

Fireworx Stand is compatible with Apple TV and iOS, and is available for $2.99 in the App Store.

Pimp My TV

Developer: Mario Terek
Price: Free

This one isn’t quite as fun or functional as the previous two, but we wanted to include a free option for you. Pimp My TV provides numerous screensaver options for your Apple TV, and the fireworks video is one of two free options.

pimp my tv

Customization comes with the ability to add a text overlay. The main benefit of this app is that the other screensavers can be used all year long. A Water Drops video is also free, whereas as City By Night, Fire and Moon can be purchased for $0.99 each or as a package for $1.99.

Pimp My TV is available now for free in the App Store, exclusively for Apple TV.

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