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Published on May 23rd, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Twitter for Apple TV survives cuts

Apple TV owners who use the Twitter app for social networking, news and entertainment can rest easy for now. Twitter announced via a post this morning that they’re killing Twitter for Roku, Android TV and Xbox on May 24th, but the tvOS app will keep on doing its thing. #Winning.

News of the cuts isn’t surprising, as Twitter has been paring back its compatibility for a while now in order to drive users to their website and mobile app. Twitter for Mac was killed in February of this year, and chances are you never even noticed. The app wasn’t very good, after all, which is surprising because its parent—Tweetie for Mac—was one of the better third-party Twitter apps before Twitter, Inc. bought it out.

If you haven’t tried out the Apple TV Twitter app, it’s worth a look. With it, you can watch exclusive live streams on your TV and directly join conversations about what you’re seeing. Content includes sports, news, politics, and entertainment, as well as the dynamic media you expect from Twitter, such as videos and all those animated GIFs.

Additional typical Twitter features include:

  • Trending topics and hashtags
  • Curated stories showcasing the very best of the biggest events
  • Sports highlights
  • Private messages with friends and followers
  • The ability to set up group conversations with anyone of your followers.

Twitter for Apple TV is available for free in the App Store. Check it out now and let Twitter know we support their decision to keep this one around. And while you’re at it, may we humbly suggest you follow @BESTAppleTV?

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