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Published on February 6th, 2018 | by Brad Gibson


UKs Channel 4 rekindles hope for Apple TV All 4 app

Apple TV users in the United Kingdom have been hoping for its last big television station to join the fray of national broadcasters and release a tvOS app. Now, there are still strong signs it could happen.

British broadcaster Channel 4 has confirmed to BESTAppleTV that while it isn’t planning on releasing an All 4 app for Apple TV soon, the door is still open for it to become reality.

In a statement, a Channel 4 spokesperson wrote, “We have no timescales right now, but we’re watching with interest as we’re always focused on ensuring All 4 is available on the platforms and devices our viewers most want it on.”

The spokesperson would not comment on if such an app was currently in development or not.

The All 4 app serves up a video-on-demand service launched in November 2006 as 4oD. It offers a 30-day catch up of programs recently shown on Channel 4, E4, More4, and Film 4, including a library of classic box set TV shows and movies. The service was renamed All 4 in March of 2015.

Channel 4 All4 app screen image 2A statement from U.K. TV station Channel 4 leaves open the door for a version of its All 4 app for Apple TV.

The statement’s wording leaves open the door for such an app which if released would complete the list of Apple TV apps for the main five broadcasters in Great Britain. Already existing on Apple TV are apps from the BBC, iTV, Channel 5, and Sky TV with its Now TV subscription app.

The importance of having an All 4 app is a make-or-break in buying an Apple TV for many Brits who have expressed their opinions online and have been hoping Channel 4 would re-think its position and release either a universal app for iOS and tvOS are an Apple TV exclusive app.

“I’m bored of trying to justify the Apple TV without…All 4, as it is essentially incomplete as a full TV replacement without those providers,” one consumer recently wrote on Reddit. Another commented, “To really go all in with an internet driven ‘get all my TV through Apple TV’ approach, it is essential that…Channel 4 release apps that allow live TV and catch-up viewing.”

The only way for U.K. TV viewers to currently watch the channel through their Apple TV is by using the All 4 app on an iPhone or iPad and broadcast the feed via AirPlay.

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18 Responses to UKs Channel 4 rekindles hope for Apple TV All 4 app

  1. Sebastian says:

    They need to do this, it is public owned channel.

    • Ben says:

      Sebastian – you took the words right out of my mouth! Its public broadcaster – they should get on and do it!

      • Gordon says:

        It is pretty strange for a main broadcaster. I’m impatient waiting for this. Searching the net I can’t find any news on it.

  2. Tim says:

    About time! Very surprised the likes of Channel 5 and ITV beat them to the game.

  3. JS BALL says:

    I’ve lost 4ondemand app from my iPad.
    It disappeared 25/4/18 and states it’s not available in UK store.
    I also get the message my platform doesn’t have Flash.
    What’s going on?
    I used it a lot because I could watch the programmes with subtitles which Now tv doesn’t provide.

  4. G says:

    Since I have switched to Apple TV I watch far less Channel 4 programs. Which is a shame because they were always my go to over all other providers.

    It’s just such a faff I can’t be bothered. It’s so easy to flip between different films, boxsets and catchup TV for Netflix, Now TV, Amazon, BBC, ITV and Channel 5.

  5. Sonia says:

    I’m with you, G. Much more inclined to watch BBC and Amazon Prime now with Channel 4 being a nuisance.

    • AMR says:

      Same here. Much easier to stick with one platform, one remote and not have to switch inputs on the telly, or watch on a computer, or cast to the TV. All4 has great stuff, especially in the comedy and Walter Presents categories, but there are so many great similar genre programs available from their competitors on Apple TV., that channel 4 cannot compete on its own. They are making themselves irrelevant. To remain relevant, they have to get on the Apple TV platform.

  6. Dale says:

    Has anyone contacted Channel 4 recently to find out if anything really is in the pipeline?

    • Brad Gibson says:

      Our story was from February and nothing has changed since then. If and when it does, we’ll be told and let our readers know.

    • Sean Cole says:

      I wrote to them recently and they replied with a generic ‘we don’t discuss timelines’. They neither confirmed or denied. I don’t understand why they would hold off. I’m an iOS developer and it would not be much of a job to port it across. It would only work in their favour. It’s bizarre they are the last in.

    • sharon larder says:

      I emailed Channel 4 a couple of weeks ago and received this reply:

      “We appreciate you taking the time to write to us with your enquiry and we’re sorry to read of your disappointment in there being no All 4 app available on Apple TV. Whilst All 4 is not currently available via a dedicated Apple TV app, we are working on this and hope to be able to provide in the near future.”

      So hopefully the app will be available for apple tv soon!!

  7. |S says:

    Well, I hope for the best !!

  8. PeteC says:

    Is it just me but have Channel 4 now blocked steaming downloaded programmes from iOS devices to Apple TV via All 4? What are they doing?

  9. Lopes says:

    Come on Channel 4. Behind in so many areas. Apple TV 4K is the best yet. Need to access all 4 here. Also a shame to lose channel 4 hd off Freesat. But maybe if we stop seeing the channel we will get used to not watching it!

  10. Roman says:

    It is not totally correct to say you can view c4 via Apple TV – onl6 the latest models will work if you are unl7cky to be on3 of the many millions that have a gen 3 Apple TV it will not mirrror c4. Programmes from my iPad to the tv . One gets a message saying ‘ need to upgrade to newer Apple TV ‘ built in obsolescence on a expensive item that should be good for at least 5 – 6 years at a minimum .

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