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Published on August 15th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Verizon to offer free Apple TV 4K with wireless 5G residential broadband

Verizon announced Tuesday it will offer the Apple TV 4K as part of its wireless 5G residential broadband service that is set to launch in four markets this year, with the addition of Indianapolis.

Verizon spokesperson Kelly Crummey told BESTAppleTV Wednesday the company hasn’t determined whether the free Apple TV 4K will be the 32GB or 64GB model, but it is expected to be the 32GB model like the DirecTV Now deal before it. Verizon has also not determined if a service commitment will be required to obtain the free Apple TV 4K. “We will announce specifics of the offerings closer to launch,” stated Crummey.

Verizon and Apple announced last week an exclusive partnership which gives Verizon Unlimited customers six months of Apple Music for free with full access through Apple TV.

The company announced Tuesday that Indianapolis will be the fourth city to receive their 5G residential broadband service later this year, joining Houston, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

Verizon also announced YouTube TV will be the first content partner available via its 5G residential broadband package. YouTube TV—which launched in April of 2017—provides subscribers with cable-free live TV from over 60 networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, plus popular cable networks like TNT, TBS, CNN, ESPN, AMC, and FX, and local sports networks in select markets.

The YouTube TV membership will cost $40 a month in addition to the 5G service, and customers can cancel anytime. Of course, YouTube TV is already available to Apple TV owners, but Verizon said there may be a promotional discount in the future on YouTube TV if bought through Verizon.

Asked how the YouTube TV partnership affects the possibility of more content providers to come, Crummey said, “We are always looking for the best options for content. This announcement doesn’t mean that will be the end all and be all of our content offerings.”

Verizon abandoned its plans to launch a streaming TV service in May saying instead it would partner with an existing service to bundle an offering with its soon-to-be-launched 5G broadband service later this year.

Verizon will be the first wireless technology provider to deploy 5G residential broadband service and 5G mobile service in the U.S., and these package deals will certainly help customers take notice.

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