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What to expect (and not) from Apple’s Sept. 12th event

While a new Apple TV model might be one of the first things announced September 12th, it honestly won’t be the biggest headline as new iPhones will grab the attention.

While some of the new Apple TV features are already ‘out of the bag’, specific features in detail are what we’ll be looking for from Apple CEO Tim Cook and company.

Leaked code from HomeKit firemware and iTunes updates of 4K-ready content all clearly show support for 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) will be the biggest additions to a new Apple TV. HDR with its HDR10 and Dolby Vision support is a lot more impressive than just a simple resolution bump for movies and TV shows. Netflix and Amazon both support HDR and 4K video and the addition of both in a new Apple TV is not only logical, but a much-needed addition to stay current with content alone. With the price of 4K TVs having slowly come down in the last year and the expectation of them being big 2017 Christmas gifts, the timing couldn’t be better.

Other than that, the biggest Apple TV news could be improvements to Siri, which needs an update to keep pace with Amazon’s Alexa which is becoming a major, integral part of third-party solutions from security to applicances to headphones and alarm clocks, to name a few. Functions like, “What should I watch?” and “What did they say?” would be really useful, especially in the absence of a keyboard.

There might be a delay to announcing the Amazon Prime video service to Apple TV at the September 12th event, which would put somewhat of a damper on a new box, but as there hasn’t been a second confirmation to the less-than-believable report from Recode, my guess is we will see its release or a firm release date announced.

Expect to see some real-world previews of 4K and HDR content with names of specific titles and Hollywood studio names part of the announcement. This event will be just as much about the new video content as new Apple TV hardware.

A more powerful processor is a given being it will need the capability to support 4K and HDR. While a storage boost to 128 gigabytes or more is possible, it’s not a certainty.

What we don’t expect is a second Apple TV model with a lower price point and features to compete with Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, and Google’s Chromecast. It would be nice and would help shore up Apple’s dwindling streaming media player marketshare, but it’s not realistic knowing Apple’s strategy, nor expected.

We also don’t expect a new form factor for Apple TV but the same, existing size and square enclosure with rounded corners. There is no indication that the USB-C connector will be removced on the new model, which would be a major disappointment for gamers looking for ways to easily output their game play video.

We’d hope for Apple to take advantage of a faster processor and for once show off a new Apple TV’s gaming capability, but being it has never shown much interest in supporting the game industry on its streaming media player, we don’t expect it.

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