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Published on March 1st, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, March 1st, 2018

There aren’t a lot of notable new apps for Apple TV this week, so we’re instead going to focus on the updates, okay? Whether you’re preparing for the new baseball or Broadway season, whether you play games with paddles or tiles, there are Apple TV apps waiting for you.

Apple TV App Updates:

  • Broadway HD – At $8.99 a month, you could get a year-and-a-half’s worth of content for the price of attending one live Broadway play.
  • MLB At Bat – It’s once again that time of year when “Centerfield” replaces “Bad Moon Rising” as the one John Fogerty song radio stations play all the time. The update provides “access to everything Spring Training, including live game broadcasts.”
  • DirecTV Now – More performance enhancements and bug fixes. That’s good and all, but I’m not seeing that user rating moving up yet.
  • Paddles! Pong edition – I like this title. Hopefully next we see Ladders! Donkey Kong edition and Mushrooms! Centipede edition.
  • Red Bull TV – Entertainment that gives you wings…metaphorically.
  • Carcassonne Board Game – A tile-based board game for two to four players, either online or AI.

Apple TV Channel Updates:

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