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Published on February 6th, 2019 | by Brad Gibson


Why we don’t cover most tvOS betas and updates, but others do

We are often asked by our readers why we don’t cover the beta releases of Apple’s tvOS. Our reasons go to the heart of what we consider real news that matters to you.

Every few weeks, Apple seems to release a beta, either to developers or consumers, of its Apple TV operating system. The majority of the time these updates are minor in scope with few changes to actual features that impact Apple TV users.

With those updates come few – if any – release notes or details from Apple as to what has changed that should push consumers to take time to upgrade their devices.

As for developer beta updates, the audience for these is small as is the need to inform readers of an update that includes no details of what has changed.

That leads us at BESTAppleTV to wonder, “where’s the beef?”, why does this matter, and consequently, why are we wasting your time telling you something has been released with no detail as to why it’s relevant.

Frankly, we get a good laugh out of other Apple-related websites that publish these reports incessantly. Recently, it’s become clear that readers of one particular Apple-related rumor/news site have wondered why their writers copy and paste almost verbatim the same story every time an update is released offering nothing new to the dialogue. Lately, this site has added to their tvOS update stories language to defend, with little reason, why they do it…

“Though we don’t often know what’s included in tvOS updates, we let users know when new software is available so developers and public beta testers are able to download it upon release. If there are noticeable changes in the…beta, we’ll update this post with details.”

Knowing full well developers get email notifications of tvOS beta updates, they even go so far as to admit Apple provides “little to no information” of what’s changed in these updates and that these updates are clearly “minor in scale.”

And that’s the very point of why we don’t cover these updates. They’re small. There’s no detail. There’s NOTHING profoundly new (even that we or another else knows of) and to the majority of Apple TV users, it’s NOT NEWS.

When we do learn of actual updates that impact readers, BESTApple TV will cover these updates. Until then, we won’t.

“So why do other sites cover these worthless updates?” you ask? We don’t get it either. We have to assume it’s to try and positively impact their financial bottom line by hoping more clicks and impressions make money, because if this isn’t news, why do it.

That’s not what we’re about at BESTAppleTV. We’re about covering Apple TV-related news and reviews that really matter and not to throw mud on a wall to see if it sticks. When we have real detail of a tvOS update, or it’s a final public release, we’ll cover it.

It’s our readers we represent. Not our wallets.

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