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Published on March 4th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Will DirecTV Now provide free DVR?

DirecTV Now’s DVR service has been in beta since July 2017, and still all we really know about it is that users aren’t terribly happy with the service (but that’s a story for another page). A couple reports this weekend, however, are shedding some light on what we’ll get when the service goes public, and what we can expect to pay.

On Friday, Luke Bouma at Cord Cutter News reported that a DirecTV Now email sent in error to some subscribers had a line item for True Cloud DVR. The line included a $ field, but unfortunately no actual cost was listed. The implication here is that True Cloud DVR is a feature subscribers can add to their service when subscribing, which makes perfect sense. Although the ability to download content when you want is one of the highlights of a streaming service, there’s still live TV to consider, as well as shows that disappear from the services a week or two after they air. These shows would need to be recorded and stored.

Luke followed up this report yesterday with news that AT&T has updated the DirecTV Now website with a True Cloud DVR service announcement. It appears the 20 hours currently available to beta testers will be rolled into the price of your DirecTV Now subscription, with the ability to purchase more storage should you need it (and you likely will).

It’s encouraging to see that DirecTV Now is promoting DVR, as it means we’re getting closer to launching. Whether they actually roll it out of beta when it’s made available to everyone remains to be seen. And if the feedback we continue to receive from testers is accurate, AT&T still has some issues to address before launch.

Be that as it may, cloud-based DVR is a huge factor for cord cutters, so any sign of progress from AT&T is welcome. We’ll keep you updated, and be sure to check out for more on the service.

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