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YouTube TV releases fix for Apple TV video quality issues

The live streaming service YouTubeTV released an update late Friday to fix issues on Apple TV 4K and non-4K models, restoring high-definition streaming. The fix did not require an update to the YouTube TV app and most customers to the service reported Friday and Saturday the issue appears to have been rectified.

About a week since reported issues of poor streaming quality, a reported ‘YouTube TV engineer posted on the YouTube TV subReddit page a comment that with the help of Apple the issues “should definitely be better now.”

“Yeah, as I mentioned on one of the other (many… many…. other…. :p) threads, we landed a fix last night that we believe should fix the major spike of resolution downgrades that started happening late last week, the posting read. “There is still a baseline problem that we’ve escalated with Apple and need their assistance to help fix, but it should definitely be better now.”

Some customers confirmed to quality issues had improved.

“Definitely working better here,” said YouTube TV customer and Apple TV user R3dditOrNot. “Back to showing HD stream within 1-2 seconds of launching or changing channel. My picture did drop to a noticeably lower resolution for 10-20 seconds at some point this morning, but returned to max resolution on its own.”

YouTube TV acknowledged the issue online Wednesday and said they were working to fix the issues, but couldn’t say when a solution would be ready. Various online posts report video quality was down to 240p on multiple channels. BESTAppleTV duplicated the issue reported on two different Apple TV 4K models working on the same IP, but not on another with a different IP address.

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8 Responses to YouTube TV releases fix for Apple TV video quality issues

  1. Chip Gilbert says:

    I’m still experiencing this issue more than ever as of February 2019. Do you know if any plans to fix it are still in the works?

  2. David Simoukdalay says:

    For past 4 days YoutubeTV has not been working on my Apple TV 4K. Just the spinning loading symbol appears on my screen. Is there any solution to fix this yet?
    Date 2/12/19

  3. I am having the same issues with YouTube tv on my apple boxes . It takes a long time to load channels and the quality of video drops a lot. I’ve tried all the fixes with no luck. This only happens with YouTube tv app on my apple 4k boxes. I love the channels with YouTube tv but probably won’t stick with this quality of video for much longer. I have gigbit internet with spectrum with no other problems.

  4. amag78 says:

    Here we go. Spinning loading symbol on Apple TV 4k.Is this Apple TV problem, youtube tv problem?

  5. Jesse Chen says:

    Today is Feb 25, 2019 and I am having trouble viewing Youtube TV on my Apple TVs, both 4 and 4k device. The pictures will not load! I can view it on my handheld devices. Whats going on? Can someone help?

  6. Ken Stabile says:

    Similar problem here. Not loading on the Apple TV – just spinning. Loads fine on my phone and laptop. Netflix & Prime load fine on Apple TV, but YoutubeTV keeps spinning.

  7. Kirk Hiner says:

    We contacted Google about the problem, and although they gave us a statement after getting it back up, they didn’t say what went wrong:

  8. Rose says:

    I had been using Sling on my Apple TV4 and switched to YouTube TV so I could get local channels. The quality of the service was terrible… too much buffering. I had many conversations with YT but no one mentioned an issue with Apple TV. I cancelled YouTube TV and went back to Sling. All is well!

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