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BEST Apple TV accessories: TotalMount Siri Remote holder

We’ve talked briefly before about the TotalMount Apple TV mount. It’s a handy piece of hardware that provides three different ways to mount your Apple TV to your wall or to some televisions. The benefits are that it helps to keep your TV stand or entertainment center clear of cable clutter and your Apple TV safe from damage.

Did you know there’s a TotalMount for your Siri Remote, too? I actually feel this makes more sense than the TotalMount for Apple TV because my Siri Remote is always on the move. In my particular setup, the Apple TV sits comfortably and safely on top of the Blu-ray player, protected by the shelf above it. The Siri Remote, however, sits in a basket with other remotes. Or it sits on the end table next to the recliner. Or it sits hidden away wherever the family or I lost it.

The TotalMount for Siri Remote solves this problem by attaching to the back of your TV with “special adhesive made for the unique materials and elevated temperatures of televisions.” If you go that route, you can also use the included cable managers to keep the cords neatly arranged behind the TV. Although the TotalMount doesn’t come with a Lightning cable, it includes a mechanism to attach Apple’s so your Siri Remote can be charged when mounted.

TotalMount for Siri Remote

Most modern TVs come with a few USB ports, so you can plug it directly into the TV for charging purposes.

If you don’t want your Siri Remote behind the TV, the TotalMount can also be attached to your wall or entertainment center with the included screws. You may not want the Lightning cable dangling from the bottom if you go this route, but it’s not like the Siri Remote needs to be charged that often.

Plus, as I mentioned, the main benefit here is just providing a consistent and safe place to store the Siri Remote. You won’t need to bother with a protective case if you go this route, and a hidden benefit is that you’ll always know which way is up when grabbing the remote from the mount.

The TotalMount for Siri Remote is available now for $14.99, or you can get it bundled with an Apple TV mount directly from Apple for $29.95. For more information, visit innovelis.com.

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