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BEST Apple TV Weather Apps: The Weather Network

One of the greatest features of Apple TV is the ability to simply ask Siri, “What’s my weather forecast?” and to get it instantaneously beginning with your current conditions. Simply swipe up and you get an almost 24 hour look ahead with a few more details conditions. Easy peasy.

This Siri feature is so great, it makes The Weather Channel app – for which Apple uses for Siri’s built-in weather data – almost look pale in comparison and simplicity. The Weather Channel app has a tough time finding your local forecast even after you give it a city and zip or postal code. To say this app has issues (at the time of this writing) is an understatement.

But the real key to an Apple TV weather app is whether it’s easy to read and easy to find the capabilities. Few can beat those features in The Weather Network app.

The Weather Network is a Canadian-based competitor to The Weather Channel, AccuWeather and Weather Nation Apple TV apps and TV networks in North America. One big difference is that this app automatically senses your location using your IP address without having to input where you are. It then gives you your current conditions and a live streaming feed of The Weather Network with your current conditions every few minutes, something the others don’t.

With a quick swipe of your remote to highlight ‘Weather’, you’re on to your detailed conditions and forecast. Scroll up and down for a 36 hour, hourly, and 14-day forecast and horizontally to move forward in time.

If this approach and layout sounds simple it’s because it is. Granted, The Weather Network app does not have regional satellite or radar images like the AccuWeather app does, but this is not a deal breaker for most people who are looking for current conditions and/or a forecast. In fact, for many the fewer features the better. KISS.

The Weather Network app is all about simplicity and it’s easy-to-read layout. It’s a more detailed alternative to asking Siri and well worth it’s value…which is free.

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