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BEST Apple TV accessories: Fintie Silicone Siri Remote case

First things first, yes, we’ve been pushing the Fintie Siri Remote case via an Amazon affiliate link on our site for a while now. That’s because it’s a great product that we recommend without reservation. Before I get to the reasons why I want to lay out three reasons why you should be considering a protective case for your Siri Remote:

  1. The Siri Remote is pretty delicate for an Apple product. It’s not easily cracked or broken when dropped, but it’s easily scuffed and scratched when dropped into a drawer with your other remotes.
  2. The right case can make the Siri Remote more comfortable to hold, especially when gaming.
  3. Depending upon the color of the case, it can quickly help you see which end of the Siri Remote is the top.

Anyone of those reasons alone should justify the $7.00 price tag of the Fintie, but let’s start with the protective element. The silicon covers the back, sides and bottom front of your Siri Remote, providing shock absorption should you drop it on a hard surface or scrape it against other devices.

The matte texture of the silicon and the honeycomb-patterned back make for a comfortable grip, aided by raised areas at each end of the back.

Fintie Silicone Case for Siri Remote

A slight lip around the buttons and touch area keep them off of surfaces, and the opening at the bottom end will accommodate your Lightning cable for charging.

Fintie Silicone Case for Siri Remote

I went with the black model for my purchase, preferring to match the color of my Apple TV. But if you do want a case that adds some color—thereby making it easier to see where to swipe and tap—the Fintie is also available in blue, green, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, navy, and mint green. There’s even a glow in the dark model if you tend to do your viewing at night. The colors are all quite vibrant (maybe garish, depending upon your tastes), not unlike the early iPhone and iPod cases we rarely see anymore.

Fintie Silicone Case for Siri Remote

Honestly, the only color I’d consider aside from black would be navy (third from the right), but your tastes likely differ.

I can’t at this point say the Fintie is the best Siri Remote case available, but I will say it’s a great product. It fits well, it protects your device without getting in the way of your channel-swiping or gaming, and it’s attractively priced at only $6.99 at Amazon ($9.99 direct from Fintie). Choose your color and pick yours up now, or get more information at fintie.com.

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